Travel terms
Regulations of these general terms are integral part of travel contract between passenger and touristic agency “BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS” d.o.o.

General travel terms
Regulations of these general terms are integral part of travel contract between passenger and touristic agency “BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS” d.o.o., address Rustempašina 14, Ilidža, as a travel organizer and it is mandatory for both parties except regulations that are established by separated written contract or with travel program.


1. APPLICATIONS, PAYMENTS AND CONTRACTS: Passenger can apply for his touristic trip in BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS’s office (travel organizer) and in agencies which have subagent contract (subagent). If subagent in trip program between travel organizer and passenger doesn’t mark that he is a subagent, he will be responsible for trip program like he is travel organizer. Application is valid when contract is signed – travel confirmation with travel organizer and it can be in electronic form, in accordance by Law of electronic signature and payment in advance 30% of the total price of touristic trip. Rest of the price, needs to be paid 15 days before trip starts. If passenger doesn’t pay for his trip total price it is considered that trip is canceled which is in accordance with paragraph 10 of these terms. By signing a travel contract by a passenger, all other travelers from the contract are deemed to have accepted these general travel conditions and to pay the advance payment as a payment for all passengers (not just one particular passenger). If the arrangement is canceled, the cancellation clauses apply to all the mentioned passengers in the contract.


2. OBLIGATIONS AND RIGHTS OF THE ORGANIZER are To conclude a travel contract with the passenger and provide the traveler with a written travel program (hereinafter: the travel program) and general travel conditions (hereinafter: general conditions) and inform him about the offer of possible forms of travel insurance when it comes to domestic travelers (in further text: travel insurance package); When it comes to foreign travelers, the Organizer is obliged to warn them that they must have their own travel insurance in their home country. The organizer is obliged to provide insurance for the domestic and foreign travelers in vehicles. Pay off the proportionate difference between the agreed price and the travel price reduced in proportion to the non-performance or incomplete performance of the services (hereinafter referred to as: reduction of the price) in respect of merchandise and written written complaint – passenger complaints in accordance with the law, General Terms and Conditions of UTA and these general conditions omissions in the execution of the travel program incurred: by the fault of the passenger or attributed to a third party that was not contracted by the direct service provider in the realization of the travel program, by the force majeure or unforeseen events to which the organizer has no influence and whose consequences are inevitable despite due consideration or some other events which the organizer could not foresee and overcome; In accordance with good business practices in this field, he takes care of the passengers’ rights and interests, before sending the passenger, the name, address and telephone number of the local representative, or the local partner of the organizer’s partner.


3. THE OBLIGATION AND RIGHT OF PASSENGER is: To get acquainted with the program and general travel conditions in detail, to be informed of the optional conclusion of an insurance contract (domestic traveler) that covers the costs of cancellation by travelers or assistance costs, including repatriation to their country, in the event of an accident or illness, and By confirming by the conclusion of the contract (in his name and on behalf of the passengers for whose needs the contract is concluded) he fully accepts them; When it comes to foreign travelers, they are obliged to have travel insurance in their home country. Domestic and foreign passengers are obliged to pay the agreed price under the terms, deadlines and in the manner stipulated by the contract, general conditions and travel program; It shall provide the Organizer in a timely manner with accurate and complete data and documents necessary for the organization of the trip and
guarantees that he, his documents, baggage and others meet the conditions set forth by our transit and destination country regulations (border, customs, sanitary, monetary and other regulations) by its own choice, provide appropriate travel insurance policies; Pay off the damage caused to direct service providers, or to third parties, by violating statutory and other regulations and these general terms; Order another person to travel for him (provided that this person meets the conditions prescribed for a particular trip) and compensates the organizer for the actual costs caused by substituting passengers and to bear the unpaid part of the price of the arrangement or travel program jointly; The justified complaint without delay on the spot informs the organizer and the immediate service provider; Before concluding the contract, they are informed via the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH or otherwise on the so-called countries. high or moderate risk; Not later than 24 hours, but not earlier than 48 hours, they will inform the guide representative about the exact return time.


4. PRICE AND CONTENT OF THE TRAVEL PROGRAM: The prices are stated in KM, subject to changes if KM changes in the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina exceeds 5%. The prices are formed on the basis of the business policy of the organizer and cannot be the subject of complaints – complaints. Services performed abroad (outside the travel program) are paid on-the-spot by the partner, travel organizer.
The price of the travel program includes a combination of at least two or more of the following average-quality services, usually for a given destination: transport, accommodation, meals, preparations and travel arrangements for which a unique price is paid by the traveler (hereinafter: standard services), if Something else is not stipulated or specifically agreed upon by the travel program. The price of the arrangement does not include, if something other than a travel program is provided for or specially agreed upon, the costs of: airport taxes, local tourist guide, representative of organizers, tourist animators, facultative programs, use of deck chairs and parasols, obtaining visas, tickets to facilities and events, Passengers and luggage, service room service, use of room bar, air conditioning, recreational, medical, telephone and other. Service, accommodation costs in a single room, rooms with special characteristics (view, floor, size, balcony, etc.), additional meals, etc. (Hereinafter: special services).
Conditions relating to the provision of discounts for children, as well as other benefits specifically set out in the travel program, are determined by direct service providers and should be interpreted restrictively (eg for children under two years of age, the calendar date is relevant when the child Shall be two years in relation to the day of commencement of the journey).
All types of services that are not envisaged by the travel program, the traveler must in writing, arrange with the organizer. The agent is not authorized to conclude or accept special services on behalf of the organizer, which are not provided by the travel program, except in the case of a special written consent of the organizer.
The organizer can not be liable to the passenger for optional and subsequently performed services, which is executed and charged by an in-partner, that is, the direct service provider, and was not provided for by the travel program and agreed in writing.
The Organizer is only responsible for the descriptions of the services contained in its travel program and is not responsible for the descriptions of services in the catalogs – publications or on the websites of direct service providers, Hotels, and others.
The start and end date of the arrangement determined by the travel program does not imply the full-day stay of the passengers in the accommodation facility, that is, the destination. Time-hour of departure or arrival of passengers and entry of passengers to accommodation is conditioned by procedures at border crossings, road conditions, permits of competent authorities, technical and weather conditions or force majeure, which may affect flight takeoff time, etc. Which the organizer can not influence, and because of that, the reasons given can not be the basis of the complaint-reclamation of the passengers. The first and last day of the travel program are intended for travel (and when it comes to other forms of transportation, the journey can last for several days) and does not imply
staying in a hotel or place of commitment – but only mark the calendar day of the beginning and end of the trip, The traveler has no right to object-complaint, due to evening, night or early morning flight, entering the room in late evening hours, leaving the hotel in the early morning hours, and the like.
For airplane arrangements, the agreed time of the start of the trip is a passenger meeting at the airport, which is at least 2 hours earlier, in relation to the first published take-off time by the airline. In case of displacement of the indicated flight time of the aircraft, the organizer shall bear no responsibility, but shall apply national and international regulations in the field of air traffic. As a rule, departure – arrival, landing-plane landing, in charter flights is in late evening or early morning hours, and if, for example, Provide initial contractual or final meal in the form of so-called. “Cold meal”, either outside or at the accommodation facility, it is considered that the travel program has been fully implemented. The tourist guide, tourist accompanying, local tourist guide and tourist animator or local representative of the organizer, envisaged by the travel program, does not imply their full and continuous presence, but only contact and necessary-necessary assistance to the passenger, according to the predetermined periods of periodic on-call service Board or in another convenient way. The instructions and instructions of the tourist guide, tourist accompanying person or representative of the organizer (in particular with regard to the timing of departures, transportation, accommodation, legal and other regulations, etc.) obligate passengers, and failure to comply with these instructions constitutes a violation of these general conditions, and any possible consequences and Damage in such a case shall be borne by the passenger in its entirety. Oral and any other type of information that differ from those contained in the written travel program or a special written agreement shall not be binding on the organizer and may not be the basis for the accusation or complaint of the passengers.
Guests who pay “last minute” and other action arrangements will be housed in accordance with the description of the specific action, and not on the basis of the description from the catalog, unless otherwise agreed. For “last minute” arrangements and for reduced price arrangements, the travel organizer will not accept the complaint.
If the reservation is made before the discount is announced, the traveler is not entitled to use the discount or special price, and if he gives up the arrangement, Article 10 of this contract will apply.


5. CHANGE OF THE PRICE AND RIGHT TO PASSENGERS TO THE CANCELLATION: The organizer may request an increase in the contract price no later than 15 days before the start of the trip, if, after the conclusion of the contract, there has been a change in the exchange rate, or changes in the tariffs of the carrier and in the law envisaged. To increase the published price up to 10% does not require a passenger’s consent. If the increase in the total contract price exceeds 10%, the passenger can terminate the contract by written notice without the obligation to compensate, but at the latest within 48 hours from the delivery of the written notice on the price increase, in which case he is entitled to a refund of what he paid to the organizer. If, within the specified time limit, the traveler does not inform the organizer, in writing, of withdrawing from the contract, it is considered to be in compliance with the new price. Subsequent reductions in the price of the arrangement can not relate to contracts already concluded and can not be the basis of any objection-recourse to the traveler according to the organizer.


6. CATEGORIZATION AND DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES: Accommodation facilities and accommodation units, means of transport, etc. Services are described according to the official categorization of the domicile country at the time of publication of the travel program, are different and are not comparable to destinations, and even within the same destination. The food, convenience and quality of service depend primarily on the price of the arrangement, the chosen destination and the categorization determined according to local-national regulations, and beyond the control and influence of the organizer. All services listed in the travel program include standard services (average quality standards, common and specific for specific destinations and places), and if the passenger has not additionally arranged special services, there is no basis for filing an objection-complaint to the organizer.
Oral information: Oral information received by the traveler at organizing points of sale is not valid from the information provided in the offer or travel program.


7. ACCOMMODATION, FOOD AND TRANSPORT: If the traveler has not explicitly arranged the accommodation of special features, he will accept any officially registered accommodation in the accommodation facility described in the travel program, regardless of the personality of the passenger, location and location of the building, floor, close to noise, parking, etc. Conditions. The agreed accommodation can be replaced with accommodation in the same or multiple category of accommodation in the agreed place of accommodation, at the expense of the organizer, and the accommodation in the objects of the lower category can be done with the consent of the passenger and the return to the traveler of the difference in the price, proportionately reduced category of the accommodation facility. The traveler undertakes to inform and respect the rules of conduct in the accommodation facility, in particular: depositing and saving money, valuables and valuables, entering food and drinks into rooms, respecting the order, accommodating and leaving the room at a given time, the number of persons in the room, and Dr. Unless otherwise agreed, the accommodation of passengers in the facility is earliest after 16.00 h on the day of service start-up, and leaving the facility no later than 09.00 h on the day the service is terminated. The traveler is not entitled to a refund because of the arbitrary, or his fault caused by the early departure of the accommodation facility, neither at the price of hotel services nor on the cost of transportation.
Unless otherwise agreed, three-bed and four-bed accommodation units (rooms, studios, apartments, etc.) are, as a rule, based on a standard double room with one or two extra beds, which are, as a rule, wooden or metal construction to disassemble and significantly worsen Quality of accommodation, if not otherwise agreed. The operation of air conditioners in accommodation facilities is different in destinations and facilities and does not imply continuous operation of the same 24 hours. Except for intent and gross irresponsibility, the organizer has no responsibility for the objects, which usually do not carry with them. Therefore, it is not advisable for travelers to carry valuable items with them on their travels, otherwise, it is recommended that the traveler hand over the same to the store safely.
The organizer shall not be liable to the passenger for damage resulting from his non-compliance with the legal regulations, prescribed rules and customs established by the carrier, hoteliers and other direct service providers. The variety, food quality and food service depends largely on the price of the arrangement, the category of the object, the destination and the local customs, regardless of whether self-service or service is served by the menu. ALL INCLUSIVE or ALL INC. LIGHT and any other service implies services under the internal hotel rules and may not be identical within the same category on the same destination. The organizer is obliged, upon his request, to provide the passenger with a contract specification of services for ALL INCLUSIVE programs, if they are not listed in the catalog or travel program. Breakfast, unless otherwise indicated in the travel program, means a continental breakfast. If hotel capacity is below 30%, the hotel has the right to serve a la carte service instead of self-service. Passenger transport and transport services mean standard quality according to the applicable regulations of the country where the service is provided, and the regulations, principles and rules specified by the carrier are applied (eg transport in any means of transport does not include numbered seats, nor includes meals and drinks during travel , Unless specifically agreed, etc.). Mismatch of personal data given to the organizer with data in the passport of passengers (names of passengers, etc.) may result in the printing of a new airline ticket, with expenses, or even the designation of a map irregular, for what consequences a passenger will bear. The passenger is responsible for his airline ticket from the moment he gets delivered to the airport or the agency. There is no possibility of issuing duplicate airplane tickets, nor a billing card. The passenger shall bear the consequences of their loss or disappearance during the trip. Bus and bus transfers are carried out by standard tourist buses according to the regulations and criteria applicable in the country where the bus operator is registered, who is hired by the tour operator.
The traveler has an obligation to behave in a proper manner in the means of transport (if under the influence of alcohol, drugs or inappropriate behavior, the organizer has the right not to receive for transportation or in the presence of the police, away from the means of transport, and the subsequent transfer to the destination will not be an obligation of the agency. In case of above Article 10 will apply to the traveler. In the means of
transport, smoking, consumption of narcotic drugs and alcohol is prohibited. The traveler must not disturb by his behavior officials on the bus-drivers and guides; The travel guide has the right to change the timetable, route itinerary, or the sequence of visits to the site due to inexorable circumstances. The traveler has the obligation to accept everyone offered place in the vehicle. Transfer of luggage from the parking place to the accommodation unit It is the obligation of passengers (the transport will be as close as possible to the accommodation). If the transport of luggage from the parking lot to the hotel is organized by the hotel, the organizer is not responsible for the disappearance or damage to the luggage. For the forgotten things on the bus, the agency will not answer. It is the duty of the passenger to visually mark his luggage with personal data and not leave his personal belongings and values in the bus (the agency is not responsible for their disappearance). The Agency has the right to hire all types of tourist buses that fulfill the conditions stipulated by the regulations on bus comfort (mini bus, bus or double decker) without prior notification of the type of bus. While driving, buses are not used toilets unless otherwise approved. The traveler is obliged to compensate all damage to the transport vehicle and accommodation facility on the spot.
The transport of passengers by rail, sea, river or lake means of transport is carried out, and the direct responsibility of these carriers is determined in accordance with the regulations governing the said types of traffic.


8. TRAVEL DOCUMENTS, HEALTH AND LEGAL REGULATIONS.The organizer shall not be liable and shall not be obliged to inform passengers, citizens of other countries, of the conditions (visa, customs, health, etc.) that apply to the destination or transit country, but the obligation of a foreign citizen to inform the competent consulate, Provide the necessary conditions and documents in a timely and orderly manner. When the organizer mediates in the filing procedure, the same does not guarantee obtaining a visa, or obtaining a visa within the deadline, and bears no responsibility for the inaccuracy of the travel and other documents, or if the border authorities or immigration services do not approve entry, transit or further stay of the passenger. If a traveler loses travel documents or is stolen during travel, he is obliged at the expense of timely to provide new ones and bear any possible harmful consequences on this basis. In the event that due to the loss or theft of travel documents the traveler can not continue his journey, he does not receive the fee for the paid arrangement.
The traveler is obliged to arrange special services regarding his health condition, for example, Specific nutrition, accommodation characteristics, etc., due to chronic illness, allergy, disability, etc., otherwise the organizer does not assume any special obligation, responsibility or damage on this basis. For journeys to countries where specific rules apply which include compulsory vaccination or the procurement of certain documents, it is the duty of the passenger to perform the necessary vaccinations and provide appropriate confirmation of it, and in the event of eventual consequences, bears responsibility for the damage.
The traveler is obliged to strictly respect customs, foreign exchange and other rules. Regulations of the country, transit territories and the countries in which reside, and in the event of the inability to continue travel, that is, stay and everything else, all the consequences and costs are borne by the traveler himself.
If the journey can not be realized due to the passenger’s failure, in relation to the provisions of this item, the provisions of paragraph 10 of these conditions apply.


9. CANCELLATION AND CHANGE OF ORGANIZER TRAVEL PROGRAMS: The organizer may withdraw from the contract in whole or in part, in the event of occurrence of extraordinary circumstances that existed at the time of publication of the program, it was justified to the organizer that the program does not publish and does not conclude the contract, in case of an insufficient number Registered passengers and other objective circumstances, about which he is obliged to notify passengers at the latest 5 days before the scheduled start of the trip, with the obligation to refund the paid funds to the passenger in full, within 8 days from the day of the cancellation. The organizer, prior to commencement and during the trip is obliged
to notify the passenger in the most convenient way as soon as possible, reserves the right to change the day or hour of the trip, as well as the right to change the travel route and the necessary changes to the travel program if the conditions for the trip change , Forcible landing, vehicle failure, traffic jams or traffic, closing of one of the locality for sightseeing, changes in the visa regime, security situation, natural disasters or other extraordinary and objective circumstances and force majeure), without the obligation to pay damages or any any other charges to the traveler. In these cases, the organizer will bear any additional costs of changing the travel program. If the initiated trip for justified reasons is terminated, the organizer is entitled to compensation for services actually rendered. The organizer shall be released from the fulfillment of the contract if, in the event of a group trip, the traveler interferes with the conduct of the trip due to gross and misconduct, regardless of any warning. In this case, the traveler has an obligation to compensate the organizer for the damage done.


10. DISPOSAL OF TRAVEL PASSENGERS:A traveler has the right to cancel his travel, which he is obliged to notify the organizer in writing. The date of written cancellation is the basis for calculating the fee that relates to the organizer, expressed in percentage terms in relation to the total travel price, unless otherwise specified in the travel program, as follows:
5% if the trip is canceled up to 45 days before the start of the trip (timely cancellation) 10% if the trip is canceled from 44 to 30 days before the beginning of the trip, 20% if canceled 29 to 20 days before the start of the trip, 40% if canceled 19 Up to 15 days before the start of the trip, 80% if canceled 14 to 10 days before the start of the trip, 90% if canceled 9 to 6 days before the start of the trip, 100% if canceled 5 to 0 days before the start of the trip or during the trip.
Changing the contracted place and date of travel, accommodation facility, accommodation unit, non-visa issuance, etc. is considered to be a departure. The traveler is obliged to compensate only the actual costs of the traveler if the cancellation is due to: sudden illness of the passenger, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister of the passenger, the death of a passenger, spouse, child, parent, brother or sister, That is, calls for the military exercise of a passenger or natural disaster officially declared. For these cases, the traveler is obliged to submit to the organizer evidence that exercises his rights from health insurance, based on temporary preventing the work (confirmation of the chosen doctor in the field of general medicine, that is, the discharge list of the stationary health institution), that is, the death certificate or call for military Exercise. It cannot be considered justified reasons for the cancellation or termination of travel, cases of local terrorist attacks, explosions, infections, epidemics and other diseases, natural disasters, climatic conditions, etc., for which a state of emergency has not been declared by the competent state authorities of the country of travel. The organizer, in case the passenger who gave up, provides the appropriate replacement or the exchange is performed by the organizer himself, is obliged to refund the paid funds to the traveler in the total amount, after deducting only the actual and the cost incurred.
A sudden illness implies a sudden and unexpected illness, an infectious disease or an organic disorder that occurs after the conclusion of a travel contract and is not related to, nor is the consequence of any previous medical condition, and it is of such a nature that it requires treatment, Hospital stay (hospitalization) and disables the start of a contracted trip.
In the event of an abandonment of travel covered by the insurance policy, the passenger shall realize his rights directly by the insurer.
In the event of a cancellation of the contract, the amount returned to the tour operator shall not be refunded to the organizer for mediation in obtaining visas.


11. LUGGAGE: BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS d.o.o. does not take any responsibility for lost or damaged luggage. Lost or damaged luggage shall be reported to the hotel or to the responsible person in the place where the luggage is considered to have been lost. When transporting an airplane, for lost luggage, only an air carrier
is responsible on the basis of regulations valid in international passenger traffic. In the event of lost or damaged luggage, the passenger fills in the airline’s form, while retaining one copy for himself. On the basis of this form, the airline company returns the lost piece of luggage to the traveler, or pays the damage to the regulations valid in international air traffic. It is recommended that gold, valuable items, technical instruments and medications be worn exclusively in hand luggage. When traveling by bus, a passenger can carry 2 pieces of luggage. Children up to two years of age are not entitled to free luggage. The traveler is obliged to take care of his belongings in the means of transport, about giving or taking over the luggage handed over to the carrier, or entering into the accommodation facility. All rights are specified directly by the traveler, provider of accommodation or insurance services in accordance with applicable international and domestic regulations.
Special safety rules for hand luggage are applied at all airports, and we recommend that more information be provided to the traveler at the airport in Sarajevo, at 033 / 289-100 or at the website: /. Except for intent and gross negligence, the organizer has no responsibility for objects, which are usually not carried with him, except when he took the items for storage. Therefore, it is not advisable for travelers to carry valuable items with them on their travels, otherwise, it is recommended that the traveler hand over the same to the store safely.


12. INSURANCE:The organizer is obliged to inform passengers about the possibility of securing the health insurance policy during their stay in BiH and abroad, as well as the travel insurance package (baggage insurance, accident insurance, travel cancellation insurance etc.) for travel abroad, and in BiH . It is recommended that the passenger provide the policies for the specified travel insurance package. By signing a contract, the traveler confirms that he has been offered a travel insurance package.
The travel insurance package does not cover compulsory health insurance, which the traveler pays separately, with the application for issuing an entry visa.


13. OBJECTIONS AND COMPLAINTS OF PASSENGERS AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION:– The passenger is obliged without delay to spot a legitimate complaint communicated to the local representative of the organizer, and if this is not available, direct service providers (eg. The carrier, hotelier, etc.) Or directly to the organizer, and cooperate in Good intent to remove the causes of the objection, and accept the offered solution that corresponds to the contracted service.
The passenger is required to cooperated in good faith and wait patiently the time frame of 24-48 h to remove the objection if justified (e.g., refrigerator malfunction, power failure, or water, and poorly cleaned apartment and other).
If the cause of the complaint is not removed on the spot, the passenger and the service provider shall make a written confirmation in two copies, which both of them sign. The passenger holds a copy of this certificate. If the cause of the complaint rectified on the spot, the traveler is required to sign a confirmation of the same, otherwise, the fact that the continued use of the offered solutions, it is considered that the travel program fully implemented. – If the deficiencies are not remedied on the spot, the traveler is obliged to within 8 days after the agreed date of completion of travel, only the organizers deliver established and documented complaint (confirmation of the complaint on the spot accounts of expenses paid, demand by type of backorder service Factually concretized and quantified in relation to each passenger separately, and other evidence) and demand a return to the difference in price. Every passenger party to a contract in its own name and in the name of a person from the contract or face with regular power of attorney for representation, complaint submitted individually, because the organizer will not consider group complaints.
The organizer is obliged to take into account only timely, reasoned and documented objections, which could not be removed during the on-the-spot travel. – The organizer is obliged to provide the passenger with a written response, ie within 15 days to pay the passenger the difference in the price, all from the date of receipt of a proper complaint.
If the complaint is not complete and should be arranged, the organizer will provide the passenger with a response to arrange it within the deadline, under threat of omission. – In accordance with good business practices and in the legal deadline, the organizer will respond to the passenger and on complaints that are untimely, unfounded or unreliable. – A reduction in the price of a passenger’s recourse, can only reach the amount of the advertised and unsettled part of the service, can not include already used services, nor reach the amount of the entire travel program price. The amount of compensation, which is paid according to a well-timed and timely objection, is proportionate to the degree of undelivered or partially performed services. If the passenger accepts the payment of a fee in the name of a proportional price reduction, or what other kind of compensation, it is understood that he agrees with the organizer’s proposal for a peaceful resolution of the dispute, thus waiving all further claims to the organizer regarding the disputed relationship, regardless of the fact Whether it has signed a written confirmation of a refund with a clause on the final resolution of mutual disputes. It shall be deemed that the return of the difference in the price of the passenger was executed and the agreement reached with the passenger, in accordance with the law and these general conditions, when the organizer offered a real difference in the price for the inadequately provided services, in accordance with the pricelist of the direct service provider On the day of the conclusion of the travel contract, and other available evidence, and that the organizer acted in accordance with the positive regulations.
Any request by a passenger to initiate proceedings before the competent authorities before the expiration of the deadline for resolving the objection shall be deemed premature, as well as notifying the public media and media, breach of the contract and these general conditions.


14. INDIVIDUAL TRAVELS “ON REQUEST” AND INDIVIDUAL SERVICES: For individual “bookings on request”, the traveler takes the name of the reservation deposit, which can not be less than 100 KM. If the reservation is accepted by the passenger, the deposit is included in the price of the package. If the reservation does not confirm the organizer within the agreed time, the deposit is returned in full to the traveler. If the passenger does not accept the offered or confirmed reservation, which is fully in line with the requirements of the passenger, the amount of the deposit is retained by the organizer as a whole.
Apart from its gross negligence and negligence, the organizer is not liable for any defects, material and physical damages in individual tourist services at the request of passengers, for which he is only an intermediary between passengers and direct service providers (eg individual accommodation, transport, tickets for Sports events, excursions, rent-a-car, etc.)
Arrangements where “BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS” d.o.o. Is not a travel organizer: In cases when BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS d.o.o. is not the organizer of the trip, he plays in the role of the informer. Therefore, the traveler transmits the received information about the arrangement and only helps him with the registration, while the conditions, applications, payments, etc. Are in accordance with the applicable general terms and conditions of the travel organizer. Such programs are particularly marked. BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS sells such arrangements on behalf of other persons and for a foreign account. Possible complaints are handled by the traveler with the travel organizer, while BOSNIAN HOLIDAYS d.o.o. only assists in this.
Compliance with Customs and Foreign Exchange Regulations: The traveler is obliged to comply with the customs and foreign exchange regulations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other countries through which he / she is traveling and in which he / she resides. In the event that the continuation of travel is not possible due to violation of regulations by the passengers, the incurred costs are entirely borne by the offender.


15. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA:Passenger’s personal data, which he gives voluntarily, represent the business confidential of the organizer. The traveler agrees that the organizer may use the personal data for the realization of the agreed travel program, whereby the address, place, time and price of travel and the name of the traveler cannot be communicated to other persons, other than persons specified by special regulations.


16. OBLIGATION TO APPLY:The organizer may provide more favorable provisions for passengers in terms of these conditions, and in exceptional cases (for the purpose of holding sports, congress and similar international events and special forms of tourism – pupils, hunting and fishing, extreme sports, etc.In case of initiating a court dispute, the Court of Sarajevo is the competent authority. PROTECTION OF PERSONAL PERSONAL DATA: Passenger’s personal data, which he gives voluntarily, represent the business secret of the organizer. The traveler agrees that the organizer may use the personal data for the realization of the agreed travel program, whereby the address, place, time and price of travel and the name of the traveler can not be communicated to other persons, other than persons specified by necessary regulations.


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